About us

About us

We can safely boast that we have over 35 years of hands-on experience in the pig sector. Our easy-to-use feeding strategy for suckling piglets lays a solid foundation for trouble-free, profitable pigs – both for breeders aiming for efficient, cost-effective piglet production and for farmers wanting sturdy, high-quality piglets.

Feeding your profit, our motto couldn't be clearer!

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Our innovative feeding strategy for
your piglets is:

  • practical

  • targeted

  • profitable

What do you achieve with NutriSuin’s feeding strategy?

  • a trouble-free weaning period

  • quality piglets glowing with health

  • stops wastage of expensive feed and money after weaning

  • high, uniform weights on delivery

  • a trouble-free and, above all, cost-effective start to piglet rearing, plus a significant improvement in finishing performances

Results obtained in practice have proven time and again:

before weaning:

  • increases feed intake and weaning weights

after weaning:

  • gets all piglets eating within 12 hours after weaning

  • health costs

  • feeding costs thanks to improved feed conversion

  • 1.5 kg at 39 days post weaning

We offer:

  • A fixed price for our nutrisuin package:

    BabySuin + PreSuin + AutoSuin

  • No surprises

    you know in advance what to expect

  • Minimum investment

    and perfect return on investment

With NutriSuin’s easy-to-use feeding strategy, your sucklers develop trouble-free and grow with maximum cost-effectiveness into extremely profitable piglets and finishers.

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