BabySuin is a ready-to-mix, easy dissolving, appetising product for use in suckling piglets directly after birth.


BabySuin is ideal for producers aiming for:

  • Trouble-free, cost-effective piglet production

  • Better piglet quality

  • Lower health costs per piglet

BabySuin is a supplementary feed for very young piglets. It is used during lactation, from a few days after birth until just before weaning. Thanks to BabySuin's tried-and-tested composition and high fat and lactose content, piglets' intake is excellent. The result is sturdy weaners which avoid any waste of money, with no health issues nor feed wastage during rearing.



  • Eliminates post-weaning problems

  • Produces sturdy, thriving weaners

  • Gets all piglets eating within 12 hours after weaning

  • Stops wastage of expensive feed after weaning

  • Eliminates health problems and reduces post-weaning antibiotic use

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BabySuin is fed to your sucklers twice a day at a mixing ratio of 400 g to 1 litre of water. The AutoSuin comes in very useful here. BabySuin can also be combined with PreSuin and your usual weaning feed.

BabySuin is supplied in bulk or in easy-to-use 20 kg sacks (1500 kg per pallet). For convenience and to avoid perishability issues, BabySuin is supplied dry (shelf life 6 months). BabySuin is very easy to prepare using the AutoSuin.


The AutoSuin comes in very useful here.

What do you achieve with BabySuin?

BabySuin's balanced composition guarantees healthy intake during lactation. It supports the development of gut flora from the first few days of life, greatly reducing the effects of weaning on your piglets. The visible results for you as producer include:

  • Lower mortality before and after weaning

  • Ideal feed intake immediately after weaning

  • A trouble-free and, above all, cost-effective start to piglet rearing, plus a significant improvement in finishing performances


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